Laser Dentistry FAQs

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If you’re used to old fashioned drills and scalpels when you visit the dentist, we have great news for you! At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, we use state-of-the-art dental technology like laser dentistry. Unfortunately, not all of our patients know too much about laser dentistry. To save you the trouble of asking us a lot of questions during your visit, we compiled a list of our most common FAQs answered. Please read through our laser dentistry FAQs and then let us know if you have additional questions. Dr. Sepiashvili and Dr. Mejia are here to help.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a recent development in dentistry that replaces the need for old fashioned dental instruments like scalpels and drills. At our dental office, we use a low impact soft tissue laser which we use to target issues without interfering surrounding tissue. Lasers allow us to make precise movements which come in handy for cosmetic work.

How Does It Work?

Lasers use a form of light that acts as a cutting tool or heat source. You can think of a dental laser as a mini lightsaber without the Jedi using it.

Does Laser Dentistry Hurt?

No, laser dentistry does not hurt. In fact, you might not experience the slightest bit of pain at all. This means you won’t need any anesthetic to complete your procedure. Laser dentistry also often eliminates the need for sutures or stitches, reduces your risk of infection, and encourages tissue regeneration to help you heal faster. Laser dentistry can make a huge difference in your dental procedures and can even help patients with dental anxiety have a much more pleasant experience. Since there is no sound of a dental drill or pain, most patients stay relaxed throughout the procedure.

How Long Do Procedures Take With Laser Dentistry?

When your dentist uses laser dentistry to perform your procedure, you might find that your procedure goes by much faster. The precise cuts of the laser make it easier for your dentist in Mohegan Lake to work much faster.

What Procedures Use Laser Dentistry?

At our dental office, we use a dental laser for general dentistry procedures like gum disease treatment and frenectomy.  We use lasers for these procedures because they control bacteria and reduce the risk of infection. This can ultimately expedite the healing process.

We also use lasers in cosmetic dentistry, specifically for gingivectomy and gum recontouring. Laser dentistry is perfect for removing gum tissue to expose more of your teeth if you have a gummy smile. It’s also ideal for sculpting your gums to give you an even gum line.

If you’re interested in using laser dentistry at your next procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office to schedule an appointment.

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